Protect your home investment with Sentry Premium Vinyl Siding

Maintenance Free Vinyl Siding is the most commonly installed exterior cladding for residential construction in Canada.

Vertical and Horizontal siding optionsVinyl siding is a plastic exterior cladding for a house, used for decoration and weatherproofing, as an alternative to traditional wood siding or other materials.

Home Builder Associations often recommend home builders and renovators use vinyl siding as it requires no additional finishing to complete an application which reduces waste and materials used.

Vinyl siding repairs, replacement of existing siding and new home installs are all on our Platinum list of services.

Available in 34 colours

  • Roll-over nail hem increases rigidity to resist bowing and buckling
  • Low gloss Color-Rich finish, with Cedar-Grain texture
  • Premium .044" heavy wall panels designed to shield and protect your home
  • Distinctive deep silhouette provides rich shadow lines

Contoured lock system design helps connect your panels securely to walls and stay there for added "peace of mind"

  • Withstands winds up to 180 mph
  • Lifetime Fade Protection Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Five factors that make vinyl siding durable:

  1. Retains its Appearance - Vinyl siding is available in dozens of colors and can mimic architectural details that were once made from wood.  The color is baked into the vinyl, so it will never chip or flake off.
  2. Resilient and Resistant - Used for more than a half century, vinyl is one of the most analyzed and tested building materials, so you can be sure your vinyl siding will resist major wear in a variety of climates for as long as you own your home.  Vinyl is also the most widely used plastic product for home building and construction because it’s strong and resistant to moisture and abrasion. Vinyl will not rot or corrode like many other materials and will bounce back after impact from falling hail or a ball thrown against the exterior cladding. Vermin tend not to find vinyl siding very tasty, either.
  3. Weather and Wind Resistant - Vinyl siding is able to withstand high winds (certified up to 110 mph or higher) and is subjected to third party testing and certification.  Siding products are entered in outdoor weathering studies in Florida, Arizona and Ohio and good quality vinyl is certified to the ASTM D3679-11 Standard Specification for Rigid Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Siding.  This means that it will not crack, flake, peel or chip when exposed to changes in weather and temperature.
  4. Rainscreening Performance - Vinyl siding is not only water resistant (as per ASTM D3679), it provides rainscreening performance for your home.  Since vented vinyl siding reduces the accumulation of water that can reach the underlying water-resistive barrier, it is recognized for its rainscreening performance.  This gives vinyl siding a significant advantage over exterior claddings that do not vent or drain moisture or bulk water as effectively or efficiently as vinyl siding.
  5. Low Maintenance - Vinyl siding does not require painting or any other sealant to maintain color hold.  It is also easy to clean; usually, all you need is a soft cloth and garden hose to keep your vinyl siding looking beautiful. Vinyl siding has a long service life. Low maintenance needs, no-fade colors and high wind-resistance ensure that vinyl siding is built to last.  Durable high quality vinyl siding also has a lifetime warranty.

So What Should You Look for When You Buy Vinyl Siding?

Genstone Vinyl sidingFirst, look for a lifetime warranty with a Delta E of 4 or less.  This indicates a good quality durable product.  Second look for siding certified to meet or exceed the requirements of the ASTM D3679 standard.

There many processes and materials that go into making durable vinyl siding: careful selection of pigments for weatherability and heat build, impact modifiers for strength, high performance heat and UV stabilizers, the heat used in the process, and tightly controlled blending and extrusion process conditions.  These processes, along with third party testing and certification ensure that good quality certified vinyl will last and look great for years to come.  Mitten siding offers all of these features and meets or exceeds the industry standards.

Other types of siding include

  • Wood
  • aluminum
  • board and batten
  • hard board such as canexel  or hardie board